Tuesday, April 18, 2023

New Recording!: "Bonehead"

You know one, probably more than one.  Hey, you might even be one, sometimes at least.  Maybe the best thing if you have to be a bonehead is to be a bonehead and know you're a bonehead, so you can guard against it, unlike the rest of the population who think they're really smart but really are boneheads.  These days, it seems we're led by boneheads, which explains a lot.  You can hear the earlier demo version and read what I wrote about the song before here.  For the rerecording, it's the usual vocals, guitar, keyboard as bass, and drums.  I spiced it up by playing a little accordion in the break, and, like Spider Stacy in The Pogues, smashing a tea tray on my head for part of the percussion (good thing it's a short song, eh?).  

Thanks to The Tinnitist for featuring "Flea Market Intellectual" on a recent playlist!

For more Wred Fright music, listen to the Yeast? 7"!

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