Monday, January 31, 2022

Alternative Incite Interviews Wred Fright!

The new issue of Alternative Incite is out, and it's a fun read as usual!  This one, #5, also has an interview with me!  Thanks to publisher Joe Smith for the interview!  If you want a copy of the zine, please contact Joe at, joe3ofcp AT AT AT gmail DOTT Com (if you're human, then you'll be able to figure out the email address from that, but let's help Joe avoid the spammers by not listing it the standard way, eh?), or PO Box 3067, Laurel, MD 20709 USA.  The current issue is $4.  I think that's postpaid, and he also may be open to trades if you are a zine publisher or whatnot, but ask him first to make sure.

If you want to read more Wred Fright, then please read Edna's Employment Agency.

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