Monday, October 18, 2021

The Final Print Issue Of The Weekly World News

Maybe I noticed this a decade and a half ago and just forgot, but I was in a newsstand the other day (yes, some do still exist--this one sold new magazines and newspapers and ones that have been sitting on the shelf since 1992 as well; oddly enough, the middle of the store was given over to a yard sale) looking for something interesting to read, and I found an issue of The Weekly World News.  In fact, it was the final print issue of the tabloid, which was in 2007.  Since it was on sale (hey, if you wait 15 years, stuff gets discounted), I picked it up.

It was a fun read.  Completely ridiculous as always from when I read the WWN while waiting in line at the supermarket many years ago.  My favorite part might have been the advice column from Lester The Typing Horse, just for the sheer absurdity of people writing a horse for advice.  I also enjoyed seeing some contributions by comic book folks such as Paul Kupperberg and Sergio Aragones.  I guess writing stories about men flying is one thing comic books and over the top tabloids have in common.

Since I didn't really notice the tabloid's absence for years, I can't say that I am particularly brokenhearted that it is no longer found on supermarket checkout lines (it is still on the Web at, but it is a duller world as a result.  It's also sad to see that mainstream journalism has descended to WWN levels as well (at least the WWN was being silly on purpose) such as this article which I read today:  In it, we're supposed to believe that someone who is vaccinated who dies from a disease is somehow proof that the vaccine works and not the opposite.  The best part is the way the CNN folks basically blame Colin Powell's death not on a crappy rushed vaccine from Big Pharma that doesn't work as they claimed but on people who didn't believe the hype and get vaccinated like the gullible did.  Presumably, this is because Big Pharma and other corporate advertisers pay the bills for CNN and the pundits don't want to admit they were dead, literally dead in this case, wrong, but, regardless of the reasons, corporate journalism is working hard to turn us into George Orwell's fictional Oceania.  Maybe CNN and the rest can explain next how war is actually peace and whatnot.  If you watch too much corporate news/government propaganda and are somewhat brainwashed as a result, here's another point of view on the vaccines that's more realistic:

Start thinking for yourself, except when it's a Weekly World News article about the human/alligator hybrid known as The Manigator.  Then just roll with it.

Did General Powell meet a Question Dude?  What's a Question Dude?  If you don't know, then you need to read Frequently Asked Questions About Being Dead.

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