Monday, October 11, 2021

Living In Joe Biden's America

*Your washing machine breaks, so you have to order a new one, but there is a one-month back order before it can be delivered, so you have to go to the laundromat in the meantime, where you go and the change machine isn't working because there is a shortage of coins in the U.S. so you have to go home and go back the next day once you scrape up enough coins around the house.

*The government wants to give your five-year-old a vaccine (even though his risk of dying from the disease is lower than his risk of getting hit by lightning) that countries such as Iceland have banned.  You wonder how American anatomy is different than Icelandic anatomy, then you realize that it's just American politics is bought by Big Pharma.

*The school district makes your five-year-old wear a mask, which is actually progress because last year when they panicked they just closed the schools entirely.  Meanwhile, virus rates rise and fall regardless of mask mandates (showing they don't matter, so they should be dropped).

*The library makes you wear a mask to go inside, which is actually progress because last year when they panicked they just closed the library entirely.  It was optional, but when social pressure didn't work, they just mandated it again.

*Your car is approaching 200,000 miles and rather than put more money into it, you decide to buy a new one, but there are no new cars to buy because the supply chain is broken and there is a computer chip shortage due to the virus panic.  When a car does show up, the dealers want to change 5 grand above MSRP due to "market fluctuation".  You decide to just take the bus, where they require you to wear a mask that does little to nothing to prevent disease but makes public health officials feel that they can do something about something they cannot.

*You work remotely but you have to either get a rushed vaccine whose long-term health effects are unknown or you have to stick a Q-tip up your nose twice a week to prove you don't have the virus, even though the tests are notoriously buggy with false negatives and false positives and you are never near any coworkers or customers whom you might theoretically infect.  Or you can quit, which just contributes to the staffing issues plaguing the economy.

*You have to take a flight, but your flight gets canceled because the president is trying to force airline workers to get the vaccine, so they just keep calling off work to protest.

*Your elderly parents get hungry on a long car trip and want to stop for a snack, but the fast food restaurants all close early due to staffing shortages or only have the drive-thrus open and the lines are too long.

*Your elderly parents watch the network news which just promotes the party line on the virus panic, regardless of facts, punctuated by commercial after commercial for Big Pharma products, terrifying them.

*Your elderly parents get the vaccine and then you have to take them to the emergency room for blood clots and swelling.  The emergency room is short-staffed because vaccine mandates have caused some health care workers to quit.  Some of their friends die or get serious illnesses such as a form of blood cancer after getting the vaccine.

*The president nearly falls down the stairs of Air Force one because he can't see his feet because he is wearing a mask.

*You drive through suburban and rural areas and see "Trump 2024" signs, as well as signs and flags wanting to have sex with the president, though they mean that figuratively.

*Real problems in the country go unaddressed as the politicians spend their time fighting over a virus that is a manageable medical issue and would have been on page 28 of The New York Times in 1969.

*People who are vaccinated get sick and die from the virus, yet when people get mad, they seem to get mad at people who don't want the vaccine, but if you are vaccinated and supposedly protected from a disease, how does anyone else's vaccination status actually affect you?

*Democrats give up the logical stronghold of "pro-choice" and declare that people can be told what to do with their bodies, then don't understand why the pro-life side of the abortion debate starts gaining headway and why they can't see that there's a difference (because there isn't).

*Everything in the grocery store and everywhere else costs more or else comes in smaller containers (when it's in stock at all) due to inflation picking up because of all the free money sloshing around the economy, so the money in your hard-earned savings now is now worth less.

*The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices doesn't do what the President wants, so the CDC Director follows the politics and overrules them, then tells everyone they should follow the science.

*Media pundits and politicians tell you incorrect things, then accuse anyone who corrects them of spreading misinformation and try to get that person censored, fired, and so forth.

*The Republican Party was on the edge of extinction, but now it looks like they will return to power for an entire generation and do all sorts of dumb things like force women who had abortions to bury their fetuses because they are right on one issue and The Democrats can't admit they were wrong on it and keep doubling down on it instead.

*You post a complaint about how living in the country seems like living the final days of the Soviet Union, complete with the corporate media serving the role of Pravda, but Big Tech censors it since leaders don't like to be told when they are wrong, and will even double down on mistakes and kill people rather than admit they were wrong and finally do the right things.

Welcome to living in Joe Biden's America, where everything is a pain in the ass.  Trump is a con artist, but it's enough to make one nostalgic . . .

If you need to laugh, so you don't cry, then please read Edna's Employment Agency.

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