Sunday, June 7, 2020

Last Call For The Underground Literary Alliance Anthology!

The Underground Literary Alliance anthology that I am finishing up for Steve Kostecke is done.  30 ULAers are in it, so it will feature the writing of a nice chunk of the group.  It's scheduled to be released on Bloomsday, fitting for a literary anthology.  The delay is to allow a straggler or two to still stumble in and be included.  It will first be distributed to the contributors and those who helped with the project.  Since the pdf and epub anthology is free, they can send/post it anywhere they want.  After that, I will announce it on my email list.  It will be announced on this here blog probably on the next post I do after the release.  In the meantime, it is last call for anyone who wants in the anthology.  I can probably squeeze someone in up to the last minute, earlier in the day on Bloomsday.  After that, since the free time I had which enabled me to do the project is now gone, I am pulling the trigger on the book release that evening, barring any unforeseen catastrophe that is, and moving on to other projects.

So, if you are Doug Bassett, Eric "Jelly Boy The Clown" Broomfield, Matthew Broomfield, Tim Hall, Cynthia Ruth Lewis, Marissa Ranello, Christopher Robin, Phillip Routh, Pat Simonelli, The Urban Hermitt, or Ranger Rita Webb, then please get in touch, as I would like to include a selection by you in the anthology, but I have either been unsuccessful in reaching you or you have not responded yet to my messages (yes, everyone has been contacted or at least attempted to be contacted through multiple avenues at this point).

If you are Yul Tolbert, please approve your proof--I really like your piece but need the final signoff from you to include it.

If you are Leah Smith and Frank Walsh, please get me the pieces which you are writing especially for the anthology.  I appreciate the extra effort.

If you are J.D. Finch, Michael Jackman, or Chris (Zee) Zappone, then please reconsider and agree to be in the anthology.

If you are the next of kin or estate executor for George Balgobin, Joe Pachinko, and Joseph Verrilli, please give permission to include their work.

It is last call.  This ship is sailing.  Anything else is icing on the cake for the book, as it is pretty solid as is, but I would ideally like to include everyone who was involved in the group.  If I forgot anyone, then please get in touch, but I believe everyone else is already in (even Frank Walsh has a poem in already--he's just writing a special bonus as well).

I hope a couple of more writers squeak in before the door closes . . .

As for readers, it is almost here, after 15 years, but if you need something to read in the meantime, then my latest novel is available here.

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