Thursday, March 19, 2020

Unemployment Tips From Edna's Employment Agency

So as the COVID-19 panic rolls on (Panic?  Yes, read this, now whether it is wise to be panicked is another question), more people may become unemployed.  Some people have suggested we might see figures as high as 20%, which would be a crazy state of affairs if it happened.  That would be approaching levels not seen since The Great Depression (it could be worse though, at one point then, 80% of Toledo, Ohio USA was out of work).  If these doomsayers are right, then you've never seen competition for employment like this, not even during The Great Recession a decade back.  So, with a bunch of people looking for jobs, how can you stand out as a candidate?
Read Edna's Employment Agency.

I'm not kidding.  In addition to the laughs you'll get, which will ease some of your frustrations during this time as you search for your next gig, you'll also find a number of tips for your job search.  I saw a lot of dumb stuff when I was a recruiter, and I've seen even dumber stuff as a candidate.  Some of this you can avoid (for example, doublecheck what you actually upload to an online job application) while some you cannot (idiotic human resources people).  But, either way, you will be a bit more prepared for it if you can learn from other people, er, fictional characters anyway.

Good luck in your job search!

Especially in these circumstances!

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