Thursday, March 5, 2020

Edna's Employment Agency Is Now On Smashwords!

Edna's Employment Agency is now available on Smashwords! I like Smashwords because they get the book distributed to Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other ebook retail outlets. So now the book should be shortly available everywhere online. Of course, the best place to buy it is directly from me, but some people prefer to purchases ebooks directly through their Kindles or Nooks or whatnot, so I have them covered. If you buy it and read it and like it, please spread the word by posting a review or just by hipping friends to the book. Being an independent writer, I don't have the marketing budget to run a bunch of ads or buy shelf space at the local superbookstore. Instead, I have you: the reader who is looking for a good time and something a little different. I hope you like the latest! Please let me know if you do! If you don't, then I hope that you find something you do like!

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