Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Escaped Fetal Pigs - "I Wanna Be A Mason"

I have no idea why Simon is throwing a shirt or whatever at Jim at the beginning of the video, but the dynamic between the rhythm section was always fun to experience as they were both a couple of characters! This is the first song of the second set that night, so the audience is sparser as the hour is growing later, but they are drunker. This was always one of my favorite tunes by The Pigs. Again, I do little on this song beyond banging my head. I just go along for the ride. On the demo, which ended up being the most heard recording of the song (it was one that got played on the radio), Mark plays everything. The band had plans to make another cassette album, but we never did so because we were so busy. Near the end of the band, probably not long before this show, we did a document recording of many of our songs with our friend Chris Comer, but there was no point in releasing the recordings as the band was essentially going to be defunct shortly thereafter. I did make a nice Escaped Fetal Pigs "Greatest Hits" CD-R for the band members and some friends years later, and I used some of the tracks from that session on it, but that's probably the only time we recorded "Mason" in the studio as a band. Mark was obviously listening to a lot of Slayer then, but he kept the humor in the lyrics. Simon would make a lot of jokes about his drumming ability, but by the end of the band, he was a pretty good drummer, as you can tell from this song, which is not an easy one to play drumwise. As far as I know, Mark has never joined the Masons. Maybe he gave away too many of their secrets in this song! Yes, that is a plastic toy pig in front of us that the women check out at the end of the video. If I remember correctly, we had a few of those at the show, along with some Three Little Pigs coloring books we altered to tell the story of The Escaped Fetal Pigs.

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