Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Escaped Fetal Pigs - "Final Song"

This is the final song The Escaped Fetal Pigs ever played. This was recorded on 28 April 1992 (though it might have been 29 April 1992 by the time this song was played) at Howard's Club H in Bowling Green, Ohio USA. For this one, we switched things up, and Simon sang, Jim played guitar, Mark played drums, and I played bass. At the end of the set, Mark "kills" us to make sure there would not be a cheesy reunion show. At the beginning of the clip, you can hear the end of "I Hate French", which is why one of our pals is speaking French onstage at the end. How we got into playing "The Cult Of Pogo And Porky Pine" switching instruments is beyond me. It might have just been because it is such an easy song to play. In any case, the pogo party at last call is glorious. Playing in bands that last for a bit is fun, but it is always bittersweet when the end comes because people whom have become as close as siblings scatter, and typically the relationship is never the same, even when the parting is friendly. With the Pigs, I am happy that I still get to see Mark, and he's still creative. Jim and Simon, I only stayed in touch with through letters and then social media. Jim I would see a year later when I visited B.G., but the last time I saw Simon was about a week after this gig at graduation (he seemed to be drunk at ten a.m. in the morning and wearing mouse ears on his graduation cap as he was headed to Orlando to work for Disney--I doubt he even remembers seeing me). In any case, The Pigs were a good time overall. It was certainly a great band to learn how to play rock and roll in. I know Mark and Jim, like me, went on to play in other bands--I'm not sure if Simon ever did--but The Pigs will always have a special place in my rock and roll heart. I don't remember who filmed the show, but at the end, whomever it was gets nice and avant garde freaky, which I enjoy. It provides a nice brief postshow primer of a band packing up, in this case, for the final time (as one of the guys in Pere Ubu, probably David Thomas, supposedly once said, rock and roll is mainly moving big black boxes from one end of town to another and then back again). It is also nice to see our friends The Copulating Crabs again near the end. They and the other attendees of the final show made for a great audience!

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