Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Escaped Fetal Pigs - "I Hate French" - Live At Firelands

I like this version of "I Hate French" because I got to play the drums on it.  I don't remember if Simon, our usual drummer, had to use the bathroom or what the deal was, but I got to end up playing drums on this version.  It was fun.  Dating from 1990 or 1991, this was part of a lunchtime performance for the college students at the Firelands campus of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio USA.  Actually, we like the French, at least I do.  I think Mark, our guitarist, wrote this song to tweak his friends at The French House, a campus residential house in Bowling Green where only French was spoken, but I'm not sure.  It's a funny song and predated the whole dumb American anti-French freedom fries fad of the George W. Bush years by a decade.

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