Thursday, August 23, 2018

"Big Daddy Pane (Take 1)" by Yeast?

There isn't much video of Yeast? in comparison with many of my other bands.  In fact, this footage from a Slippery Rock University tv show may be all that exists.  It's certainly all I have.  The band does two songs including two takes of "Big Daddy Pane".  This one is the first take.  I don't recall why we did two takes.  Most likely someone screwed up either in the band or the tv crew and we rerecorded it.  The tv show was some sort of music talk show by a guy named Richard Hart.  He was not a member of professional wrestling's Hart Foundation as far as I know, but that would have been cool if he were.  He was probably just a college student in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania USA majoring in tv production or something.  His show might not have lasted much longer than the band did, but both were fun.

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