Monday, February 1, 2016

Even People Living In Iowa Are Tired Of Hearing About Iowa At This Point In The Campaign

Well, the 2016 presidential election officially gets underway tonight with the Iowa caucuses.  I like Bernie Sanders the best, but I am rooting even more for not hearing about Iowa again for the next four years.  Every presidential election seems to get longer, and it always seems to get frontloaded, so the poor folks in Iowa get ever longer periods of presidential candidates interrupting their meals at restaurants to shake hands.  If I shook Ted Cruz's hand while trying to eat a hamburger, I would be annoyed because that would mean I would have to wash my hands again after I just washed them to eat.  The only two really good things about Donald Trump are that he has participated in professional wrestling events and that he schives shaking hands.  Maybe that's why he's winning in the Iowa polls.  He might be the one politician who would let you eat in peace.

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