Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hooray For Free Comic Book Day!

On my errands, I noticed that a new comic book store, Imaginary Worlds, had opened in Cleveland Heights, Ohio USA.  Since it was Free Comic Book Day, I decided to pop in.  I was glad I did.  In addition to the free comics (honestly, usually not that great, but sometimes a gem pops up--still, one can't complain since they are free), the store had boxes upon boxes of comics for ten cents each (as long as one bought twenty), with some good stuff in them.  It was their grand opening, so I suppose it was their way of making sure people had a good time and would want to come back.  It worked!  The store seems a nice addition to the Cleveland comics scene.  It's well-stocked, and the staff seems nice.  I probably will pop back in again long before the next Free Comic Book Day.

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