Friday, May 1, 2015

Dandelion Season

The dandelions on my block seem to have all sprung up overnight.  I find this delightful.  Not only are they pretty, but they are a good guide as to which yards have had unnecessary and possibly hazardous chemicals dumped on them.  A yard without dandelions is worth jogging past with the dog.  A yard with dandelions is likely quite safe for the dog to sniff on a leisurely stroll.  Unfortunately, the method isn't foolproof, as I noticed a couple of neighbors today busily digging up the dandelions, and I suspect it wasn't to make a salad or wine with them, which is unfortunate because those are among the only good reasons to dig out a dandelion.  The dandelion is actually quite useful.  I learned more about it recently by reading The Teeth Of The Lion:  The Story Of The Beloved And Despised Dandelion.  I picked up the book when the author, Anita Sanchez, gave a talk nearby.  I also got the chance that evening to sample some dandelion coffee, which was quite yummy.  I do enjoy useful crops that just grow without much help from me, so the dots of yellow popping up amidst the green in my lawn please me.

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