Monday, June 30, 2014

What Wred's Currently Reading: Legal Action Comics Volume Two

Over a decade ago, I read a comics anthology called Legal Action Comics.  It was hit and miss but enjoyable overall, like most comics anthologies.  Apparently, I never knew that a second volume had come out, so when I stumbled across it this year in a bookstore for half price, I snapped it up.  Apparently, I overpaid, since people are selling them for 6 cents online, but I was happy to support the nice bookstore that I was in (there aren't many left, eh?).  Anyway, this volume, like its predecessor is also hit and miss but enjoyable overall.  I was curious if the lawsuit that inspired the books, a spat between cartoonists Danny Hellman and Ted Rall, was ever settled, and it seems to be still ongoing some fifteen years on.  It's just sitting on a court docket and Hellman thinks there it will remain forever, but, judging from the comments on this blog post, Hellman and Rall still hate one another., so perhaps someday their animosity will result in Legal Action Comics Volume Three.  I don't know if that would be a good thing ultimately, but the books are fun.

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