Friday, August 20, 2010

The Thirsty Bear & The Hungry Snake

Every once in a while, I get the urge to make a comic strip, but rarely do I have time to follow that urge. I drew comics occasionally growing up and even did a daily strip for my college newspaper for a semester or two before I had to give up on meeting cartoon deadlines so I wouldn't flunk out. Lately, when the rare urge strikes and I have the opportunity to follow it, I've been having fun with photograph comics (or fumetto/fumetti as they're known) starring a teddy bear and a snake sock puppet, with the gag being that the bear's a drunk and the snake wants to eat everything. Naturally enough, I call the strip "The Thirsty Bear & The Hungry Snake". Over the years, I've published cartoons with them in Gestalt & Pepper and as a minicomic for Genghis Con, among other places that I, um, forget right now. Anyway, the latest Bear & Snake sighting is on the Facebook page for Xerography Debt. Since I'm not on Facebook, I figure I'd republish it here for the rest of us nonFacebookers. If you're on Facebook, you can friend XD and find out about some cool new zines.

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