Friday, August 20, 2010

Mickey Hess Is A Blurbatron!

Author Mickey Hess has been perfecting his book blurbing skills over the years and now has honed them to such a degree that he can deliver just in time (within 24 hours) blurbing for any author who wants a blurb for the back cover of her or his book, or the front cover, or, hey, even the spine! When he announced his black belt in blurbing on GalleyCat and The Rumpus, I took him up on his offer to blurb and here's what he said about Blog Love Omega Glee:
"Goons and patriots, get ready! Wred Fright’s new novel scowls at your perfect sentences. There are gorgeous techniques and colorful dialogue, the book’s action, mood, the author himself. There are things this novelist should be allowed to do that the rest of us are not."
Earlier, he had this to say about The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus:
"Brilliantly, it is possible to watch the book in the process of revising itself to death."
Remember, his guarantee is speed, not accuracy, but if you need a blurb, see Mickey!

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