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About Wred

Wred Fright Tea Party
This post is outdated.  The update can be found here.

Wred Fright is the pen/stage name of one of the many thousands of blokes named "Fred Wright" wandering around our world today. This one primarily potters around Ohio and Pennsylvania in the USA but occasionally has been known to migrate farther afield. One of these migrations is cyberspace and this little blog which makes a nice outlet for himself and others to keep tabs on him and his writing, music, and whatnot.

Writingwise, Wred enjoys journalism (usually of the gonzo variety), fiction (usually of the humorous variety), and poetry (usually of the short variety). He's written for a plethora of publications (including some that actually pay such as Scene and some that are actually respectable such as The Journal For The Psychoanalysis Of Culture And Society), but he especially loves writing for blogs, comics, ezines, and zines such as Fightin' Fun Comics, Go Metric!, Zine World, and his own SMASH and drinkdrankdrunk. His novel The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus is a humorous look at the life of a hapless garage rock band, while his second novel, Blog Love Omega Glee, pokes fun at the notion that the world will end in 2012. More writing by Wred can be found in the Library.

Musically, Wred likes to sing and play guitar, with the occasional runs on bass, drums, accordion, theremin, and whatever else. The music is often described as rock and roll, punk, alternative, garage, and pop by listeners. In the past, he's played solo and in such bands as The Darrow Dregs, The Escaped Fetal Pigs, Satan Tortilla, The Flaming Toasters, Anal Spikemobile, The Lenin Spoonful, Yeast?, Ungoat, Rage Against Dabney Coleman, Shang Tsang, The Hot Glue Guns, The GoGoBots, The Joslyns, and Team Fright. Currently, he occasionally plays out solo or with a band under the Wred Fright name.

In terms of whatnot, as for why many pictures on the site feature Wred in a Mexican wrestling mask, Wred was much entertained by a picture from 1962 of The Destroyer in a wrestling mask eating a meal with his family, and got in touch with his inner Cindy Sherman with this series of photos by the Squire documenting Wred wrestling with domestic life. Other examples of such serious silliness by Wred and others can be found on this website.

If you're press, and you need a photo, feel free to use the one above, which is also available as a high resolution JPG 1.94 MB if you need to print it.

Here's some of what our friends in the press have said about Wred:

Cleveland Bachelor 2009

Textnovelblog 2008

The New Castle News 2007

Pittsburgh City Paper 2007

Lakewood Observer 2006

Cleveland Magazine 2006

Utter Trash 2004

Cincinnati CityBeat 2003

Book TV Canada (Video so it may take some time to load) 2003

But don't take their word for it! If you have any questions, please contact Wred yourself!

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