Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The previous two posts are reprints of work I published a few months back. You probably guessed as much since one of them is about the 2008 election. Both works were published in issues of .zap!!, an apa that emerged around the the alt.zines discussion group. Back in the early days of the Web, and even before it, these Usenet newsgroups were pretty vibrant places of interaction. Nowadays, people are too busy Facebooking, MySpacing, Twittering, and whatever the latest online craze is to pay as much attention to them, but they're still around. However, some of us diehards of alt.zines find that it is not even obscure enough for us so we've gone back to the Usenet newsgroup equivalent of 1876 and belong to an amateur press association together. Each of us creates a contribution, makes some copies of it, and mails it off to a central editor, who in this case is Heath Row, who puts everything together and mails a finished copy of the publication back to everyone. Current members include James Dawson, Sarah Beth Eisinger, Kris Mininger, Row, Jeff Somers, and me. We're always looking for new members to join in the fun, so if you too are an old mail art/zine crank, then please contact one of us for details.

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