Sunday, October 15, 2023

Comic: Peeing In A Cup

Fortunately, I've only had to do drug tests for employment a few times.  Since I don't use drugs, I don't care too much, but the privacy invasion is annoying, and the waste of money (which we pay for ultimately as consumers in the prices we pay for products and services) is more galling.  Employment drug testing is a dumb tradition that should be abandoned.  On the other hand, it did inspire this comic strip, and the notion that every day in America, planes, trucks, and maybe even boats are all carrying little bottles of pee across the country is pretty funny.  To read the comic, I suggest clicking on the image and making it full screen.  You could also download it after you click on it for the primo view, I suppose.  I've also loaded the panels individually below if you like scrolling down (it works either way).

To see why I don't need drugs to have a good time, please read Frequently Asked Questions About Being Dead.

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