Sunday, February 12, 2023

New Recording!: "Rubber Ducks"

For the new version of "Rubber Ducks" I used some actual rubber ducks.  That's the squeaking at the beginning and end (and probably in the middle as well, though they get drowned out by the other instruments there).  I also dropped them onto a snare drum and let them roll across it as an additional form of percussion.  I don't know that I'll ever be "playing" rubber ducks as an instrument again, but I was quite pleased how they rose to the occasion here.  Musically, otherwise, it's the usual vocals, guitar, keyboard as bass, and drums.  Here is what I wrote about the song when I first recorded it, and you can hear that version here (I like the xylophone on the demo).

Thanks to The Tinnitist for featuring "Ready For The Next" on a recent playlist!

Thanks to my pal Loren for rocking the same song on WQUD as well!

For more Wred Fright music, listen to the Yeast? 7"!

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