Tuesday, September 20, 2022

New Recording!: "A Song For Sonnenfeld"

This was the last song I wrote for a couple of years.   Basically, I cobbled together some lines from scraps of songs and stitched together a new song.  I named it in honor of the poet Mark Sonnenfeld, who also tends to take random scraps of language (as well as music, other symbols, and art) and combines them into something shockingly new as a whole.  Musically, I sang and played the usual instruments.  I don't remember anything particularly weird on this recording.  I just played around with the mixing and dropped various instruments in different parts.  This is the last song of the new album, which should be out this fall.  Next year, I'll start recording the remainder of the set, filling in the gap from 2014 on.  Nothing was written until 2017, so really 2017 on.  So this might be the last audio track for the year unless I write a new song or two this fall.

Thanks to The Tinnitist for including "Smooth Jazz Riot" on a recent playlist!

If you want to hear more music, then listen to the first Yeast? 7", which has been patiently waiting for a spin on your turntable since 1994!

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