Friday, July 29, 2022

New Recording!: "Alger Hisses"

This is another old GoGoBots tune.  I wrote it after buying Alger Hiss's autobiography at one of those discount bookstores that used to pop up in failing malls and strip malls before the mall or strip mall failed completely.  Hiss was an American bureaucrat who was accused of spying for The Soviet Union during the McCarthy Red Scare of the 1950s.  Hiss maintained his innocence, even when he was sent to prison.  The whole affair is filled with bizarre details such as hiding film rolls in a pumpkin.  It provided the fodder for this song.  Musically, it's the usual guitar, keyboard as bass, drums, vocals, and some fun hissing in the background.

Thanks to The Tinnitist for including "OH, Jeff (4 May 1970)" on a recent playlist!

 If you want to hear more music, then listen to the first Yeast? 7", which has been patiently waiting for a spin on your turntable since 1994!      

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