Sunday, February 20, 2022

Updated Bear And Snake Strip For The Biden Era!

This marks the third time that I've run this gag, but since it's a year into a new presidential administration, here we go (it might be funnier if I just crossed out the previous presidents' names, but I just erase the old one and insert the new one, so the word balloons don't get too messy):

Given Biden's inflation, I'm not sure how far $5 goes at Steak And Snake anymore, or even the real life Steak And Shake, but I left the strip otherwise as it was in 2010.  If Trump wins again in 2024, then I can probably just run the 2018 version again without having to change anything.  If Biden wins, then The Thirsty Bear And The Hungry Snake will see you in 2030!  Otherwise, if someone else wins, then this strip will get updated and recycled in 2026!

And I've published a couple of other novels since Blog Love Omega Glee.  They are Frequently Asked Questions About Being Dead and Edna's Employment Agency.

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