Sunday, December 12, 2021

Another Wred Fright Album!

A couple of years ago, I collected some demos I had recorded into an album called Noisy Demos 2012-2018.  They were called noisy demos because I had some fun recording them and adding extra music beyond the basic guitar and vocals.  After that, the demos of new songs were just guitar and vocals.  I've hit the end of another cycle now, so I'm collecting those demos from the last few years as naturally enough Not So Noisy Demos 2019-2021.  It's kind of fun to hear them all together.  They're collected in chronological order of recording.  I'm looking forward to fleshing out some of these songs down the road, but you can hear the basics here.  For some of them, this will be the only recording unless someone covers them.

One of the demos is the theme from Edna's Employment Agency.  Read it today!

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