Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Flaming Toasters Move!


I am gradually clearing up some space on my main Soundcloud account.  The latest "graduate" is The Flaming Toasters, who have moved to  All links to their old tracks will not work, but you can find all 3 tracks on their new Soundcloud page.  The songs are still fun, so if you want to rock out in the garage, please give them a spin.  By the way, none of the pictures are of the band because I couldn't find any pictures of us; they're just recent random scans of old photos.  While creating the new page, I discovered yet another band with the same name (unless it's the same band I discovered 8 years ago, but it seems like a different one).  It is a cool name for a band.  These Flaming Toasters are funky, and they are at  Despite appearing to be a power-trio as well, I doubt they are the Bowling Green, Ohio USA band from circa 1991 that I was in, but maybe I just blanked on our funk period. 

On a sidenote, I wish some more old BG rockers would upload their old tracks.  I'd love to hear some Sheepish Grin, Dutch Crumbs, Opiate Of The Masses, Big Hunk O' Cheese, Art School, and the rest of the cool bands from when I went to school there available online.  I did find some kind soul uploaded some stuff to YouTube at, but there's a lot more seemingly totally unavailable except on some moldering cassette tapes.  Some of these dudes are old now, and it would be a shame if the music would become completely unavailable because they won the clottery or something.  Furthermore, I think I have all of 6 tracks from 2021 in my best of playlist this year and it's the end of November, so clearly, the current music world could use some help anyway.

For more old music from me (on vinyl!), please buy the Yeast? 7".

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