Sunday, June 6, 2021

"Big Daddy Pane" Video!


Since the camcorder is on the fritz, this video was a bit more challenging to make, but I still had a good time making it; I hope that you have fun watching it also!  Like the last two videos, this song is from the Dick Bennett 7", so the record makes an appearance.  I don't normally play "Warm Fuzz", the remaining song from the 7", but since I have rerecorded the other three, I might as well go for a full sweep and rerecord it next.  The many birds in this video was accidental, but it does relate to jailbirds and wanting to fly free out of a cage, I suppose.  If you want to make a Spotify playlist out of Yeast?, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Big Daddy Kane after watching this video, then please invite me to your next dance party as you sound like fun!  

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