Monday, October 5, 2020

New Mark Justice Book!

My buddy Mark Justice has a new book out!  After a couple of excellent novels, he's branched out to nonfiction.  Toxic deals with Mark's experiences reading the Bible and finding it incompatible with what he thought were his Christian religious beliefs.  In addition to the heavy and thought-provoking subject matter, it's also a very funny book.  The humor is very brutal and for believers will be considered blasphemous, but it's right in line with how betrayed and disappointed Mark feels about his faith.  I was lucky enough to read the book prepublication and provided a blurb for the back cover:  "Toxic is the book that one should really find in a hotel room.  Not only is it funnier than The Bible, but also it leaves out the boring bits, so we can focus on the kinky sex, gratuitous violence, and general insanity in the 'holy' book that still undergirds American society.  Watch what those judges and politicians usually put their hands on when they get sworn in.  The President has control of nuclear weapons, and he's offering an oath on a book that has a guy get murdered because he masturbates meanwhile Lot has drunken sex with his daughters and God's like totally cool with that even after almost entirely destroying a couple of cities for being 'sinful'.  You'll never wonder again why our modern, 'scientific' society can still be so stupid.  You'll know.  By the end, you might be as angry as Mark Justice is in this book, but you'll also recognize a mythology when you see one, no matter how many people run around still believing in it and doing strange things like stocking hotel rooms with a book that not many of them have apparently actually read."

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