Sunday, May 3, 2020

Extreme Zeen!

New Pop Lit put out a print zine called Extreme Zeen.  It's pretty awesome looking.  It's like an art zine with a glossy cover, different colored paper, bright colors, innovative design for the text, and more.  It's very striking!  Karl Wenclas, the editor, told me he was working on a new zine and wanted to use a couple excerpts from Edna's Employment Agency.  I was more than happy to agree, but I would have been happy to just be in some quick and dirty photocopied zine.  I didn't expect a beautiful publication.  Yowza!  I am impressed!  I am also happy to note it has work from my old ULA buddy Frank Walsh in it as well, so that makes it even cooler!  I am looking forward to reading it.

Right now, I am just enjoying the publication as art object!

If you like the excerpts in Extreme Zeen, the rest of Edna's Employment Agency is available here.

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