Tuesday, April 3, 2018

All American Reunions Video With GoGoBots Music

I found this video while going through my old videocassettes. It dates from 2000 or so. The reunion planning company that I worked for hired my buddy Mike Dee to make a video to send to prospective high school classes to let us organize their reunions for them. I ended up doing the voiceover announcing, and somehow Mike and I, or my boss, decided it was a good idea to have our band, The GoGoBots, provide the background music. I'm guessing my boss didn't want to mess around with paying royalties for real music licensing because why otherwise would you let an obscure punk band be the soundtrack for your corporate video? In any case, this was fun to watch. And, no, the company can't plan your reunion. They're out of business now. Just like The GoGoBots.

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