Sunday, November 19, 2017

Open Mics!

This is a video of me playing an open mic recently, courtesy of Meg Stepka, who hosts it. I've played a couple of these recently, mainly because my buddy Derek DePrator has been playing them. I've played open mics before, and they are fun, but it's more fun playing one when other musicians I know are also playing it. I probably will play some more open mics in the future, but I'm getting busy with the release of Frequently Asked Questions About Being Dead, so it might not be until 2018, which isn't far away. Some good musicians are at them, so they are fun to listen to as well. In addition to Derek, Meg's band, Meg And The Magnetosphere, usually plays, and they're really good also. In the video, I'm playing a Billy Bragg cover and then "Y-Town". The sound is a little reverby, mainly because I had to free the video from Meg's Facebook Live page (she said it was ok to do so), using some open source video editing software.

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