Sunday, January 15, 2017

10 Years Of Wred Fright's Blog!

It was ten years ago on this day that I published the first post on this blog.  I joined Blogger initially to comment on King Wenclas's blog, and then figured I should actually do something with the blog.  I had some poems hanging about from a poetry reading I got suckered into (I was planning on reading from my first novel and then learned it was a poetry reading series, so I had to quickly write some poems), so I threw them up as posts.  Gradually, over the years, the blog came to be the entirety of WredFright.Com, as Google made it more functional.

There probably aren't too many blogs still running from a decade ago, so, to celebrate, I'll be running some poems in 2017.  Thus, things will be very similar to 2007.

Cheers to ten years of blogging!

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