Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Pop Lit In Print!

My old pal King Wenclas has been publishing an online litzine, New Pop Lit, for a bit, but now he's expanded into print with a literary journal of the same name.  Given our shared Underground Literary Alliance background, I figured the print version of NPL would be a scruffy zine.  Since I love scruffy zines, I was quite okay to be published in yet another one, so I sent him a new Harold Grumblebunny story called "30 Women In 30 Days".  To my surprise, when a copy showed up in the mail last week, it was like a book.  Yowza!  This thing could be on the shelves at Barnes & Noble with the other literary journals, though the fantastic cover probably would indicate that this journal isn't quite like the others.  In any case, it looks great, and I am excited to read it!  It also features work from my old Perpetual Motion Roadshow pal Jessica Disobedience, now going under the name Jessie Lynn McMains, so that makes it even cooler!

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