Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Return Of She-Hulk!

She-Hulk fans can rejoice!  The She-Hulk is getting another solo title.  Charles Soule is the writer.  He's also a lawyer, so that should be a good fit for Shulkie.  Javier Pulido is the artist, and, judging from the preview I saw, he should be another good fit.  It would be nice sometime to see some female creators get a run on She-Hulk, but the current team seem like good choices.  I will be checking out the first issue anyway (scheduled for release in February)!  In fact, I had a subscription (for the first time since I was about thirteen years old) to FF, the Fantastic Four spinoff where She-Hulk had been appearing, and enjoyed that series quite a bit, so my grief over its demise (the last issue comes out this month) will be tempered with my joy over the new solo title.  It'll join Satellite Sam and The Superior Foes of Spider-Man (special thanks to the creators of that title for actually putting on average more than four panels on a page, unlike seemingly every other comic these days) on my monthly pile, and The Sandman Overture whenever it comes out (no, I normally don't restrict my comics reading to titles that being with "S"; that's just a coincidence).  I've also been reading Superior Spider-Man at the local library (yes, my local library is cool enough to stock comic books).  It seems to be a good time for comics.  I'm excited to check out the new titles for the Silver Surfer, the New Invaders (James Robinson on Golden Age characters!), and Dead Boy Detectives (see, I told you that I didn't just read titles that began with "S") titles as well.  With The Flash being one of my favorite characters, I'm excited that a new creative team will be on that title (I found the current team almost unreadable, which is how I feel about most of the New 52 DC--I used to really like DC, but now it's hard to find a title that I'm interested in).  Though it seems from this list that I'm a super hero nut, I used to read more alternative and independent comics, but most of those seem to just be online or in graphic novel format anymore (I read those as well, but let's talk comic books in this post).  However, I was happy to see that Strangehaven is finally returning (hmm . . . maybe I do really like to read titles that begin with "S"). I also did buy issue #21 of Palookaville (which isn't really a comic book anymore unless one really stretches the traditional definition).  I haven't read it yet (hey, if Seth can take forever to release it, then I can take forever to read it--it makes the wait for the next one that much less), but it looks as if the Clyde Fans story still has not ended.  If so, then I hope Seth finishes it before either he or I die.  In the meantime, I'm glad to see that comic books are still around; they can still be quite a bit of fun.

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