Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peer To Peer Proofing

The serialization of Blog Love Omega Glee will be up for as long as I can leave it, but I am working on collecting the novel and once that happens (say when my publisher demands that the book can't be available online for free) the serialized version may disappear. So enjoy it while you can and consider it my Christmas gift to you. If you want to return the favor, then if you spot a typo or anything else seemingly wrong anywhere in the novel, then please feel free to leave a comment on that chapter alerting me to it. There is a lot of wordplay so some goofy uses of language may be intentional (such as the previous sentence having two if thens), along with some strange subtle plotting, but I'd still appreciate anyone pointing out anything that seems to have gone awry. I won't be changing the serialized chapters, but I'll try to fix anything that needs to be fixed in the collected version of the novel. Grazie!

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