Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blog Now Available On Kindle

This blog is now available for Amazon's ebook reader, The Kindle. They charge a monthly subscription fee of $1.99 but apparently it beams the blog right to your Kindle. Why you wouldn't just read it for free online is beyond me, but if you're a Kindlemaniac and want to give me and Amazon some money, then that's fine with me. This past week, Blog Love Omega Glee has been published daily, a frequency that, barring catastrophe, I don't see changing until the novel's finished, so it should be a good deal at least until the end of the year. After that, it may be crickets for a time, but if that's the case, my conscience would probably cause me to pull it from Kindle, but you never know, I might get used to money coming in and become as prolific as Jack Saunders, or I might see how long someone will pay $1.99 a month for nothing. Perhaps, people might even pay me not to write! If so, get in touch. Let's negotiate!

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