Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wred Fright Secret Show

Last night I did a reading at Pat's in the Flats in Cleveland, Ohio USA as part of a variety show put on by the band Repressed Memoriez. Also performing were Tony Void, C. Allen Rearick, and Delmoko doing Bob Crane comedy. You can see a bit of the last act on YouTube. It was a lot of fun. I only announced it to the subscribers of the Wred Fright Email List so if you want to get the inside scoop, as the old saying goes, for something like that in the future, just join the list. It's free.


  1. Fred, the Pat's in the flats stint sounds like it was really fun. Looked at the YouTube link of the Bob Hogan guy without the sound to get the feel back of being in that seedy dive again and the the drum kit with the old school Christmas light string did the trick.
    However once the memory and ambience of the 2006 FILF show cleared my sinuses like a eidolon of horseradish I returned to reading the excerpts from the your new novel you got posted here.
    I hope your not insulted when I say the the description of the cluttered room recalled me to the scene in the state room aboard the ocean kliner in the Marx Bros'" A Night At The Opera " and of course 'two hard boiled eggs' and despite the mood I'm in lately I chuckled noisily when the cat starts kneading the character's chest and first waxing romantic about the nature of love he throws the animal off yelling in pain.
    Well I think I'll be checking in more often so I can "catch up with my reading". At least on your blog.

  2. Thanks Frank! Any comparison to the Marx Brothers is far from an insult--it's a compliment! Glad you liked it! Cheers!


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