Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crazy Carl's Column

Crazy Carl, author of Fat On The Vine has a new column on Scared Stiff Reviews. In his latest column he reviews Unholy Sideshow: The Movie starring our pals Frank Walsh and Jellyboy the Clown. And, if you look closely at the pictures accompanying his review, you might recognize a few familiar faces from The F Independent Literary Festival we held a couple of years ago in Cleveland . . .


  1. I think Jessica and I were both smoking in the first picture. Bad. Having given up that evil habit, I can only hope that no children were influenced by that picture and went out and bought some ciggies. I'd feel utterly terrible.

  2. The movie, directed by Matt Broomfield-- a huge creative effort by 40 up to 50 independent writers, artist, musicians, actors make-up and special effects crazies,
    AND most importantly real down-homw side show freaks and performers some real famous and legendary like the Enigma, Red Stewart, and the Amazing Barry Silver, doing their tTHINGS for real IS available from the ULA and can be got from the ULAPress pages as it has it's own Pay Pal specific button! The muic is awesome by the way too!
    Fred would you knowing your musical bent review the SOUNDTRAK if I got you a copy brought to your house via Zombie sherpa?
    Be careful how you answer this!


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